On a deeper level.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

If black is your favourite colour, welcome. You're in a safe place now. 

We know you. While everyone lost their shit at the leak of the rose gold iPhone, you stayed unflappable. Sure rose gold is cool and all, but there was still no iPhone that spoke to you on a deeper level. 

Well now there may be.

Rumours have been circulating the tech world of a 'Piano Black' iPhone release, complete with a glossy finish. Yes, that's the same black as a piano key. The same black as your soul.

No images have yet been released, however the good people at Applearab.com are feeding our souls, having mocked up renders of what the new iPhone may look like. Word has it the colourway will be the most elite yet, only available in higher storage tiers.

*shudders with satisfaction*


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