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Amber De Luca - Tao

I’m not sure when, but at some point we started using the Snapchat camera more than the iPhone one (hopefully that’s not just me). Now thanks to Mastercard, we may be giving the Snap camera a bit of a break.

Say what?

Just yesterday, Mastercard released an official new method for online shoppers to complete purchases. And believe it or not, the app involves a camera.

It’s called the Mastercard Identity Check Mobile application. To use it, all you need is two things. Not a password, not a pin. A fingerprint and a face. (Preferably your own.)

With both of these things, which hopefully you have, you’ll be able to pay for your online shopping and app-based purchases through a selfie identification payment method. Yes that’s right. You can now authorise your purchases by taking a selfie.

All you have to do is blink when prompted and the transaction is complete. That’s some pretty next level ID.

If you’re a Mastercard online shopper, consider all of your 1am five-hour binge-shopping sessions exposed. Mastercard HQ is going to have a seriously ripper time processing all these selfies.

But on a serious note, the app has been designed to create a more secure and frictionless method of payment technology. It’s currently available only in Europe and will be introduced worldwide in 2017.


Via HypeBeast.

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