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We know all about the pink tax: the mark-up applied to women’s products because, well, they’re for women. We know not to buy women’s razors because men’s are exactly the same (and cheaper) and the same applies to a significant number of other products.

Now a new study by the New York Consumer Affairs Board has confirmed the extent to which this pink tax runs. It found that women are paying more for identical items 42 per cent of the time. FORTY TWO PER CENT.

In reaching this figure, the Board reviewed male and female versions of 794 products from 90 brands spanning 35 categories. Holy moley.  

To minimise differences between items, the Board selected products that had similar male and female versions and were closest in branding, ingredients, appearance, textile, construction, and/or marketing.

The study found that, on average, women’s products cost seven per cent more than similar products for men. Specifically:

  • Seven per cent more for toys and accessories
  • Four per cent more for children’s clothing
  • Eight per cent more for adult clothing
  • Thirteen per cent more for personal care products (with a staggering 48 per cent increase for haircare products)
  • Eight per cent more for senior/ home health care products

Doing the math, it seems women will end up paying thousands of dollars more over a lifetime. You can view the full report here.


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