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Finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. Let’s be honest, could you really expect us to see anything else surpassing its importance? Well there’s becoming life long partners. But, eh. Love, shmove, farshun is foreva.

So that’s why we all lost it when we heard Say Yes to the Dress: Australia is officially a thing. It will be shot in Sydney and hosted by Australian couture wedding gown designer, Adam Dixon.

The original show, shot in Manhattan, is notoriously known for its OTT drama. If you’ve ever been bridal shopping with the bride-to-be and any of her relatives, you’ll know exactly what goes down. And it’s not pretty.

But before you start judging, the show is not as superficial as you might think. It’s part fashion show, party bridal story. Which means it’s more than just pointless family member banter as the bride tries on every gown she can get her hands on. 

The show also comes with a message: finding your perfect wedding dress has extraordinary qualities. It can help one to overcome personal difficulty and concerns with body image. It’s basically a fairy godmother and Cinderella, night before the ball-type of situation.

And get this. If you’re a bride-to-be, applications to feature on the show are still open. BYO crazy family members and totally unwarranted stress levels.


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