Your chance to eat some terrifying delicacies.

Words by

Tara Smith

Remember when MTV would make contestants eat repulsive food for cheap laughs on Fear Factor?

Turns out, Fear Factor is back, and MTV is giving regular people (you) the chance to eat terrifying food for free.

For one day in Sydney’s Circular Quay, MTV is hosting a food truck with delicacies like sheep testicles, crocodile tail skewers, spiced chicken hearts and possum skewers.

If you’d like to get your taste buds around those delicious treats (who wouldn’t), simply show up before the food runs out.

Better yet, if you take a photo of yourself eating one of the Fear Factor dishes and hashtag #FearFactorAU, you might just win a $500 gift card.

However if you’re eating sheep testicles for fun, maybe that alone is a big enough reward for you.


Fear Factor Freaky Food Truck
East Circular Quay
Friday October 13, 12pm – 2pm

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