It's getting on our last nerve.

Words by

Veronica Jenkinson

If you're a person, then you've probably seen Mean Girls.

And one of the best scenes is undoubtedly the Jingle Bell Rock scene.

Love's annual advent calendar, which unlike traditional calendars releases videos for 31 days, this year features Rita Ora recreating the iconic scence.

And while we can all agree that Ora rocks a santa outfit and has a stunning voice, those dance moves just aren't right.

In fact, they're so wrong.

Now we know it mustn't have been easy without three BFF's or Amy Poehler dancing with you from the audience, but she doesn't even slap her thighs in the right direction.

Not quite fetch enough for us.


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This is how the story goes.
"I just wanna unwrap you, baby."
Because we all need a little help when it comes to Boxing Day.
To those doing Christmas from the other side of the register.
They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.
Oh (Chanel) Christmas tree, oh (Chanel) Christmas tree.
Another starlet joins the MAC family.
It features Jennifer Aniston and is going to be so fetch.
Just when you thought fetch was never going to happen.
Officially the party of the year (as voted by everyone).
'Tis the season for a touch of daggy.
Because hanging decorations on Christmas trees is so 2013...
Because no one just wants "you" for Christmas.
The fierce rapper dresses 'so fancy' for Forever 21's Christmas special
Ditch the reindeer sweater this year.