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While the benefits of online shopping are obvious (trackies, wine, no one judging), there’s nothing better than visiting your local brick-and-mortar. Urban Oasis is the ultimate gift store, so we decided to check it out.

Need to know: Urban Oasis has built a reputation for being the ultimate lifestyle and gift store, stocking something for every interest. It’s also worth noting the whole space is colour coded (it’s the little things that count).

You’ll buy: Women’s clothing from local designers, shoes, accessories, jewellery, homewares, books, crystals, bike repair kits, mugs and just about anything else you can think of.

Brands: OnceWas, Pol, Elk, The Dreamer Label, Maud Dainty and lots more.
Ideal for: Everyone, literally.

Price range: $10 - $500


Urban Oasis
121 Harris Street
Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Natasje Garbers

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