Simply gorgeous.

Words by

Maddie Toohey

Want your desk to look Insta-worthy? Meet Earth Greetings.

This delightful, 100 per cent Australian-made brand boasts a huge range of colourful calendars, greeting cards, journals, pens and pencils, gift wrapping and lovely paper. Just to name a few.

What’s more, Earth Greetings is committed to saving the planet.  

In 2003, founder Heidi Hackworth established the company with a mission: “to use the most Earth friendly paper and printing alternatives.” After extensive research, Hackworth concluded this meant using 100 per cent post-consumer waste and non-toxic printing practices. Earth Greetings never deviates from these earth-friendly techniques, from which its wonderfully colourful products are created.

Earth Greeting’s new Into the Wild series is buzzing with a motif of Australian flora and fauna. This new series is like an ode to Australia’s landscape and our native furry friends. Oh, and they also have a children’s range.  

Practical, good-looking and ethical.

We love Earth Greetings, and thanks to Hackworth, the earth loves us back.


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