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Having trouble landing a job? Sorry bro, you may just be too good looking.

At least that's what a group of UK researchers are saying. As part of a recent study, 870 volunteers were given resumes with identical qualifications and experience, but with different photos attached. The photos of employees ranged in levels of attractiveness from just below average to 'kind of attractive.'

According to assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Marko Pitesa, the results found that good looking men were more likely to be perceived as a threat.

This meant that they were less likely to be hired for competitive jobs such as sales or banking, despite being found competent. They were also, interestingly, more likely to be hired for team-based roles, where they would be less likely to show up their colleagues or bosses. 

In the study, men interviewed men and women interviewed women, with interviewers primed to either think of the candidate as a future co-operator or competitor.

It seems we're all pretty self-serving. The results suggested interviewers were not blinded by beauty and instead calculated which candidate would further their own career.

You can read more about the study here.



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