Literally the worst.

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Amber De Luca - Tao

Those annoying ads that show unpurchased items from your shopping cart are literally the definition of the worst.

So we’re sorry to bring you this terrible news. But soon they may be popping up among the photos in your Insta feed.

To use correct terminology, they’re called dynamic ads.

Social media platforms such as Facebook employ them to help capitalise on e-commerce capabilities.

Instagram believes it will help marketers to better reach their target audience, as well as posing as a reminder to users who may have forgotten to make a purchase.

To back its claim, Instagram teamed up with Facebook to conduct a lil research. It was found that 60% of (Instagram) users say that Insta is the first place they see new products. A huge 75% also say that a single post is enough to inspire them to look into the product further.

We hate to admit the research is true, but let’s be honest. Think about all the times you’ve screenshotted a pic of an outfit you love or a new pair of thigh highs you’ve got your eye on. Countless.

The only thing keeping us from not tearing up is the response of principal analyst at eMarketer, Debra Aho Williamson. She says that it’s by no means a trap. If anything’s certain at the moment, it will have more of a negative affect on ad buyers than Insta users, because the prices of ads are likely to increase exponentially.

Pray for Insta. #1lyk=1prayer

Holly Engelhardt

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