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Veronica Stanford

Today is a good day.

Tina Fey has confirmed the long-standing rumour that Mean Girls will be getting a musical.

Tina spilled the beans during a Times Talk for her upcoming film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. "Yes. Still working. It's only... years away," said Tina when asked of the project.

She also confirmed that her hubby Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin (the lady who helped Fey adapt Legally Blonde into a musical) are co-writing the script.

SO FETCH. Watch this space.

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Romantic drama with Academy Award winning status.
Clear eyes. Full hearts. We can’t wait.
They're wanted, they're hot. They're everything you're not.
It features Jennifer Aniston and is going to be so fetch.
"I guess I have a lot of things to ponder"
Just when you thought fetch was never going to happen.
Grab a bean bag and pack your picnic blanket - Moonlight Cinema is returning for 2014/2015.
Champagne, gift bag and a chance to see Yves Saint Laurent before anyone else.