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Best drop ever.

Words by

Tara Smith

Second only to the release of Man Getting Hit by Football, Typo has announced the monumental drop of a Simpsons-themed collection.

Come June 26, you can get your hands on Krusty the Clown backpacks, Kwik-E-Mart drink bottles, Homer Simpson notebooks and a whole lot more.

Our favourite item would have to be the holographic pizza sleep mask, but check out the gallery above to see the rest.

Sadly, there are no Homer Simpson muumuus in sight, but we’re holding out hope for a Cotton On apparel line next.


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The true meaning of Netflix and chill.
Like an all-female episode of The Amazing Race.
I would have passed out and required Miranda Kerr CPR.
I am watching this show literally yelling “I CAN’T” at the TV.
A rainbow of fabrics, homewares and stationery.
In case you need an alternative to Making a Murderer.
The show we didn't know we needed in our lives.
"I mean, why would you let Zhang leave? It’s like getting rid of Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child."
See Flanders repping Yeezy and Bart looking steez.
Verner has opened up shop in Melbourne.
Fans of The Simpsons get ready to squeal.
Starring Jerry Seinfeld (bah bah ba cha bah bah ba cha).