The not so glamorous world of PR.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

We may have just found your new favourite show – a satirical comedy all about the world of PR.

Titled Public Relations (someone got a payrise), the fittingly bitchy six-episode series was produced by RevLover films.

Public Relations is among 58 projects given the funding by Screen Australia last year. It comes under the Screen Australia Gender Matters program, aiming to create a gender balance in creative roles in the screen sector. 

The trailer parodies how the world of PR is often perceived and comes with a warning of strong language and NSFW themes.

Check it out below.

Public Relations ~ The Logo

And you thought your Monday was bad. Here's a sneak peek of a new comedy tv project to be produced by our sister company RevLover & set in the crazy world of PR. Funded through the Screen Australia Gender Matters program. WARNING: Strong language and themes NSFW. #GenderMatters #revlover #screenaustralia

Posted by Revolver / Will O'Rourke on Sunday, 5 March 2017


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