The time has come.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

Today word has come that Spectacles, the Snapchat glasses released last year, are now available to purchase online. 

This is great news because previously, Spectacles were only available to be snapped up from vending machines in NYC called Snapbots.

The video-recording frames work wirelessly through Bluetooth, importing your Snaps into Snapchat Memories. 

Interestingly, Spectacles are impact resistant and highly rated for UV protection, but aren’t polarised and don’t have an anti-reflective coating. 

The frames are available in black, teal and coral, and come with a charging case and a cable. However, they’re currently only available to ship within the US. 

After conversion, Spectacles work out to be around $169 AUD a pair, which is cheaper than your average designer buy. You’ll have to coax your mate from the US to ship you over a pair.


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