The GIFt that keeps on giving.

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Eliza Sholly

If you’re as GIF obsessed as we are, today is a very special day.

Up until recently, messaging a GIF was a slow and lengthy process. GIF-worthy text moments were reserved only for a time when you pre-saved the perfect loop to go with your situation. However, just when we had given up all hope, GIPHY has come to our rescue. 

The number one website for GIFs has just debuted its new app, GIPHY Keys. This service places the entire GIPHY repertoire directly into your smartphone, allowing you to drop the perfect GIFs left right and center. By simply changing your keyboard (like you would to access emojis), you can enter perfectly timed loops into your messages, showing your friends how cool and hip you really are.

GIPHY Keys features built-in categories, allowing users to search and save the most relatable GIFs to whip out at any moment.

Fortunately for iPhone users, GIPHY Keys is available from the App store right now. Everyone else, you will just have to wait patiently. Don’t worry though, we will send you a GIF to cheer you up. 

Holly Engelhardt
Leah White

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