God help us all.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

We all know someone who suffers from resting bitch face. It's one of the most common epidemics of our time.

And now a group of behavioural researchers has decided to finally give those long-time sufferers the answers they’ve been looking for.

A team from the Noldus Information Technology firm has used its FaceReader (a sophisticated computer program which catalogues expressions in human faces), to examine 500 points on the face and find the cause of RBF.

The team assessed a series of genuinely neutral expressions to establish a baseline, before feeding in a bunch of notoriously bitch-faced celebrities.

Kanye, Kristen Stewart and ol’ Queen Liz were fed into the system. The result? People with RBF actually show about six per cent more emotion than expressionless people. And the emotion behind RBF? Contempt.

So basically RBF may mean you are a little bit of a bitch.

And while RBF is commonly associated with women, the results show it is present in an equal proportion of males. 

If you're worried you might suffer from RBF, you can now submit your own photo for analysis. Email jason@noldus.com with a picture of your most neutral expression to find out.

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