RIP chronological Insta feed.

Words by

Amber De Luca-Tao

Yesterday Instagram revealed that on average, people miss 70 per cent of the posts in their feeds.

Anyone with an Insta account can relate. The more accounts you follow, the more photos and videos you’ll find stacking up in your feed.

So it’s inevitable that occasionally you’ll miss posts you wish you’d seen. Think about all the times you’ve stalked your friends and found you haven’t liked some of their pics. Cue ‘like’ rampage and apologetic text message.

To prevent this crime from happening any longer, Instagram want to ‘improve’ our experience, by restructuring the way posts show up in our feeds. Like the Facebook update, say goodbye to chronological order in your newsfeeds. You’ll now be seeing posts in order of what Insta believe you will want to see the most. 

Posts will appear in order of what you will (most likely) be interested in. Factors taken into consideration include, the content, your relationship with the user and the timeliness of the post.

We’re approaching this concept with a little scepticism. It’ll definitely take some getting used to.

The update will be available in the coming months. And then it will be RIP chronological Insta feed.


[Image via @margaret_zhang]

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