Independent Woman, Pt. 4

Words by

Sinead Stubbins

Think about all the movies that you’ve seen this year. Now think of how many of them had a woman as the main star (or better yet, had two women as main stars). It’s not that many when you really consider it, hey?

Thank goodness, we’ve got film nuts like Rookie writer Brodie Lancaster, whose zine Filmme Fatales celebrates women who write, create and appear in films. The fourth issue features articles by Cool Hunting editor Katie Olsen, Vice’s Adri Murguia and Summer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey, plus amazing illustrations by Minna Gilligan and Hattie Stewart.

Apart from being a great read, Filmme Fatales doesn’t take a weird, elitist tone when talking about movies – French art house films from the ‘70s and The First Wives Club are treated with equal reference. Any zine that includes a cinema-inspired lookbook is A-OK with us. 


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