Here if you need.

Words by

Naomi Hatton

After taking five years to properly learn the stepping rule in netball, and subsequently not being able to move your feet whenever throwing a ball, the rules of netball are changing. 

For the fitter players of the bunch who basically carry the team (centre players, wassup) the key rule change is for you:

"The Centre no longer has to have both feet wholly within the centre circle prior to the whistle being blown for centre pass." 

Thank the netball gods. The amount of overturned centre passes due to sticky feet being marginally outside that dreaded circle is ridiculous. 

But this is not the only amendment. There will be changes to umpire whistle use (not so tough now, are ya?), injury time (who needs it?), and the out of play rule (I don't even know).

We can confirm you still have to look like Edward Tapehands if you want to keep your nails, and a single loose hair straying from your ponytail is under no circumstances allowed. Ever.

The new additions to the rule book will be adopted as of January 2016. Check out the full list of changes here.