Knock 'em out.

Words by

Elle O'Donnell

Australian rapper, songwriter and Bonds ambassador Iggy Azalea sure is making us proud. At age 25, she’s already produced chart toppers like ‘Fancy’ and ‘Problem’, and collaborated with international artists like Rita Ora, Charli XCX and Ariana Grande. Since The Beatles, Iggy has been the only artist to steal spot number one and two on the charts simultaneously (you go girl).

On August 19 Iggy will be touching down in Australia to party it up for Bonds' 100th Birthday. Her statement style and extra sass make her one to watch, so we had a quick-fire Q&A sesh with the newly-engaged star. It went a little something like this...

No one knows that I... am addicted to reality TV.

Every morning I... ask my housekeeper Maria to cook me breakfast.

I hate it when people... ask me for pictures when I’m just going about my everyday life and don’t have make-up on or just haven’t gotten dressed in a flattering manner.

My mama always told me... to knock 'em out.

The secret to true love is... persistence.

I’m pretty sure no one else does this but I… can’t think of anything in this category haha. I’m sure some extremely weird person does the weirdest thing I do. And if they don’t, I don’t want people to start doing it now!

I will never regret... moving to the U.S.

Music is... life.

My best asset is... my ability to persuade people into things.

I wish people noticed my... dogs.

I secretly love it when... I see somebody dissing me on Twitter whose life is way worse than mine.

I’m really good at... blackjack.

My friends say I’m... in love with my dogs.

The last text message I received said... lol.

My go-to joke is... I don’t really have one.

I’m so fancy because... you already know.

My underwear is... BONDS.


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