60 feels I felt seeing Chvrches live

All the feels.

  1. I love the Forum
  2. A venue with levels is so handy for a short gal like me
  3. Bit of Michael Jackson on a Tuesday night never hurt anyone
  4. “There’s nothing more intimate than standing under a naked statue illuminated in blue light” – my boyfriend
  5. Wind chimes, flashing lights, this is it! 
  6. Vantage point is good
  7. Here they come
  8. Lauren has her arm up, you can only see her silhouette 
  9. Backdrop is way cool
  10. ‘Hide and Seek’ starts and it’s sooo good 
  11. Lauren’s punching the air with all her might – you go girl
  12. The crowd digs it, though you can tell it’s a Tuesday night because they’re a little quiet
  13. Their harmonies are beautiful
  14. Two songs in and I can’t stop shaking it 
  15. Major head banging is now taking place. By Lauren, not me.
  16. I wonder if she is dizzy?
  17. Banter time. Oh my gosh her Scottish accent. So cute
  18. ‘Lies’ starts and the guy next to me loves it
  19. He is the only one clapping along
  20. I’m with him, we should all be clapping
  21. Lauren is standing on the speaker, side profile, arm in the air
  22. She looks v powerful
  23. The best thing about Chvrches is every song is a banger, cue ‘Make Them Gold’
  24. Finally a synchronised clap by the audience
  25. I’m a sucker for a good synchronised clap
  26. The backdrop looks like sparklers 
  27. Lauren just displayed a new dance move, she’s twirling ’round and ‘round
  28. It’s Iain’s (the bass player) time to shine, he’s giving a funky solo
  29. Now there’s a bit of banter between Lauren and the guys
  30. Just so you know, Lauren is sweaty
  31. She is rethinking the fringe
  32. They’re joking around like regular chums 
  33. ‘Empty Threat’ starts and everyone cheers
  34. First time I’ve heard the crowd singing so far
  35. Maybe that’s because the music is actually very loud
  36. Oh my gosh where did that drum kit Lauren is playing come from?! 
  37. Wish the guy in front would stop filming, enjoy the show mate
  38. Am I being a hypocrite, typing on my phone? 
  39. Audience participation was defs lacking until now
  40. ‘Tether’ comes on. It’s a bit of a slow burner 
  41. That doesn’t mean it’s any less good
  42. Actually very impressed with the live show
  43. Was a bit worried that the show would be a bit like a dj set but it’s actually so decent 
  44. Iain is moving between bass and four keyboards? Impressive
  45. Ahh yes ‘Gun’ is the best 
  46. Line up change, Lauren and Martin have swapped places for ‘Under The Tide’
  47. Martin is now dancing while Lauren plays synth
  48. Is he shuffling? 
  49. I haven’t seen moves like these since 2007
  50. Everyone is clapping and jumping 
  51. Song after song is just awesome
  52. ‘Clearest Blue’ has been announced as the last song
  53. The build up is epic
  54. Everyone is screaming the lyrics. It’s a party up in here
  55. No surprise it isn’t actually their final song
  56. ‘After Glow’ is a bit of a slow one for the encore…
  57. Lauren announces that ‘The Mother we Share’ will be the “actual last song”
  58. The build up isn’t as big as ‘Clearest Blue’, it’s still damn catchy
  59. And that’s it
  60. And that was pretty damn good.


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