The self-awareness sets her apart.

“Walking down the street in my brand new car” is my favourite lyric of all time. It doesn’t make sense whatsoever, but neither does GFOTY herself. Toeing the line between performance art and actual musical brilliance so finely, it’s hard to tell if you’re ever in on the joke or are the joke itself.

Like most of the other PC Music releases I’ve covered, VIPOTY is an abrasive EP of sharp and unconventional beats. But GFOTY wraps that up with an incredibly appealing persona: an obnoxious, Frappucino-obsessed, internet junkie who is also criminally insane. The self-awareness sets her apart from her label mates, who haven’t embraced the humorous side of the genre as much.

VIPOTY had me equal parts laughing at the vapidness of it all and also dancing madly with its impressive, manic production.

It’s not for everyone, though. Approach with caution!


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal issue 156. You can read the full issue here.

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