The art of music.

After winning FBi Radio’s Northern Lights competition, playing
Iceland Airwaves Festival, being nominated for an AIR Award and having his debut release Post- Nature played on Triple J’s high rotation, LUCIANBLOMKAMP is set to drop his second LP. The multi-instrumentalist and producer from Melbourne is quietly killing it and his latest release is set to further cement his place in the electronic scene. We sat down with Lucian to chat touring, Sophia Grace and staying sober on stage.

First of all, how did you start
producing music?

Music’s always been a part of my life in some form or another, although the first time I attempted to record my own [music] was during high school. At the time,
I could only play violin and somewhat get around
a guitar. For me, solely relying on myself as a sound source became extremely limiting, extremely quickly. In the beginning, producing was simply a way for me to increase the range of sounds I could create in my music and things just snowballed from there.

How would you describe your sound?

As odd as it sounds, I think it’s somewhere inbetween pop and dark ambient music. In some ways, a combination of two complete opposites on the musical spectrum. It’s not an intentional decision, over the years my music has just gradually taken this form.

There are a lot of elements to your music, where do you begin when you produce
a track?

Anywhere. That’s what keeps music so interesting. The initial foundation of a song could be anything, from a tapping sound to a melody, a sample, a rhythm, a progression, even an emotion or state of mind. While a lot of my music follows a somewhat similar form, I’m never fully aware of where a song’s going to go. If I’m lucky it’ll take a turn I wasn’t anticipating. This is what I absolutely love the most about making music.

What’s the best and worst part about
being on tour?

The best part is eating Hungry Jacks every day. The worst part is eating Hungry Jacks every day.

Ever done anything stupid on tour?

Losing your passport just as you’re about to enter another country is never fun. I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Solid 2/10.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever
seen backstage?

Probably my friend Daniel stacking salami into Alex Cameron’s mouth while he was asleep. Well, I say that, although I was actually on stage at the time. Still, classic story nonetheless. Dark times for Alex Cameron.

Do you have any pre-show superstitions
or habits?

My only rule, before I go on stage, is just to be completely sober. As time has taught me, nothing good tends to come from being drunk on stage. I can wait to have the rider afterwards.

What other artists do you listen to?

At the moment I’m completely head over heels for Emptyset. I’ve been on the lookout for music like theirs for years, so I’m essentially in constant paradise. Other than that, some timeless favourites of mine are Shlohmo, OPN, Why?, I’lls and Radiohead.

What’s next for LUCIANBLOMKAMP?

My new album Bad Faith is set to come out on April 1, which will be followed by a national tour alongside Lower Spectrum. Aside from that, I’m already in the planning process of putting together a new release for later down the track, as well as figuring out another side project. I’m really excited to see what 2016 has in store.

Quick fire questions
Music is… Self-expression.

Fashion is… Self-expression.
Melbourne is… Convenience in its purest form. It no doubt lives up to its title of the most liveable city.

My favourite person is… My Rosebud ;)

My worst habit is… Clicking all my joints 24/7. I’m anticipating some cruel, cruel arthritis any day now.
Fave food… Popcorn, hands down. I honestly could eat it for every meal of the day.

Fave song to dance to… ‘Best Friends’ by Sophia Grace. This is honestly in no way a joke.

In 2026 I’ll be… Here, still making music.


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