Channel your inner Bey.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

Calling all movers and shakers. The team behind No Lights No Lycra, the dance in the dark movement that now spans over 65 countries, have just dropped their latest endeavour, and it's one we can sure get behind.

Dance Break is the new must-have phone app. It’s the perfect excuse to nab three minutes away from your desk, bust out a few moves for no apparent reason or channel your inner Beyonce.

Once a day Dance Break will override the user's phone with a new dance track. At the end of the song, a map will show the location and number of others around the world who also danced.

Basically it’s one big solo dance party, simultaneously happening around the world. The app taps into NLNL’s no-judgement dance philosophy, which encourages you to drop everything and bust a move wherever you are.

Take a look at the preview below. Come November 23, we will be dancing once a day. 


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