Get me bodied.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

After finding out yesterday that a Drake-themed yoga is coming to Melbourne, we are going so crazy right now at the news that Beyoncé-themed yoga is coming. It's all thanks to Bey Dance, a dance community and class concept that is dedicated to releasing your inner Queen Bey.

The classes will be about practising yoga to Beyoncé and Beyoncé-inspired music. The poses are designed to improve your core strength, flexibility, mindfulness and will have you dancing out the door on a natural high.

The classes will take place October 4 and 11 and then regularly in November at KAL Studios in Brunswick. Sign up to take your moves from the bedroom to the studio and release your inner diva. 

Time: 1.45pm- 3:15pm
Cost: $20 Pay online after enrolling here
Bring: Your own yoga mat. There will be some mats to hire for a gold coin donation. 




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