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Elizabeth Rose is one busy woman.

She released her debut album Intra in March, took a trip to Japan after that and just kicked off her Australian tour two nights ago.

During all of that, she managed to write a tour diary detailing her trip to Japan and we were lucky enough to get a peek.

Check out the rest of her tour dates here and in the meantime, enjoy Japan through the eyes of Elizabeth Rose, because we like you.

1. Yakitori Laneway in Shinjuku

I stumbled across this long but very narrow lane while sightseeing in Shinjuku one evening, and I’m so glad I did. There were back-to-back restaurants of Yakitori (meat/veggies bbq'd on a stick) and each one was absolutely tiny. This was also where I experienced using a squat toilet for the first time…that was quite an experience in itself haha!

2. Sega Games Arcade in Akihabara

Tokyo is unreal – they have a whole “suburb” known for its games/manga obsession and it’s called Akihabara! I went into one of the (many) Sega buildings and there were about eight floors of games arcades. This shot was taken through the glass cabinet that had manga figurines up for grabs if you could pick it up with the claw. 

3. Hakone Train Station

Yes, this is what the train station looks like in Hakone. So picturesque right? I took a 90 min train trip to this town so I could get on a ferry and view Mt Fuji, but sadly it was too smoggy that day. I did, however, go to an onsen (Japanese natural hot spring) there and that was so amazing – bathing in those hot minerals got rid of my sore back, it was incredible.

4. Me in front of Ramen a restaurant

This restaurant was downstairs from my accommodation in Yoyogi and it was the best tasting ramen I have ever had in my life! Every day I would pass the restaurant and catch the scrumptious scent of the sweet and salty pork broth boiling away. So on my final day, I went there for breakfast.

5. Japanese grilled fish on a stick, Asakusa

I travelled to a town called Asakusa by chance on a Saturday, not realising there was one of the biggest festivals in Japan happening – Sanja Matsuri Festival! Each surrounding town carried miniature shrines up to the huge shrine in Asakusa to have it blessed and then they would carry it back to their town. The food at the festival was so delicious – plenty of fresh seafood on sticks that were cooked over hot coals. 


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