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High Priestess.

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Anastasia McInerney

Marry a honey-voiced, singer/songwriter with a high-profile, fine art photographer and the result is undeniably remarkable.

We’re talking about Flaunt’s The Cadence Issue. The new release has seen David LaChapelle photograph Lana Del Rey for series of images that resemble a vintage family photo album.

Much like David’s previous works, the photographs reference art and religion, with high saturation contrasting the thematically dark tones. Paired with hyper-reality, the series mimics the work of Lana – aching beauty with shadowed wickedness. 

Though we love the work’s cinematic brilliance, our favourite detail would be Lana’s caption for the wedding day shot: “Me with my loser husband,” she wrote on Instagram.

And while you’re marking the release date for Lana’s latest album, Lust for Life, in your calendars (May 26), mark this down as well.

It’s the first exhibition of LaChapelle’s work in Australia, so you’re going to look extra cultured when you tell everyone where you’ve been over the weekend.

Check out the shots from Flaunt in the gallery above.


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