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“I hope these words find you in the perfect mood, I wrote this love letter according to my love for you…I hope this paper will travel safely to where you are, because the melody is custom made for your heart” – R. Kelly

I’ll never forget where I cultivated my love for hooded crop-tops, metallic nail polish and lurex socks. It was somewhere between the year I was allowed to walk to school ‘by myself’ and that time I segmented my hair into sections that would either be crimped or littered with butterfly clips.

But where did this love come from? If you were a teen during the '90s RnB renaissance like I was, you have also been subconsciously riffled by the serenading voices of Destiny’s Child, TLC, En Vogue, Boyz II Men and, most importantly, Jamiroquai. The likes of whom you probably listened to on your Discman…or your HitClip.

And that is why, RnB Fridays, as we meet at the end of each week a little older but none the wiser, this love letter is for you…

I love the fact Fox FM has dedicated a whole day of the week, and given that, the best day of the week, to play the Boombastic beats and booty shaking tunes of our cultural predecessors. I also love the fact that when the station ignorantly stopped the glorious program, Australia, and millions of internet trolls with Mo Money Mo Problems, went into verbal and near-political uproar, creating Facebook pages and online petitions only for The Fox to finally make Changes, Jump Around and bring back Beyoncé on Friday June 19 of this year. Thereby allowing the Good Vibrations to continue...

But you don’t fool me, RnB. If there’s 1 thing we know, distance makes the heart grow fonder. And to end this ballad (as I find myself starting the Ignition and pushing the accelerator of my car to the beat of Bump N’ Grind much to the dismay of the drivers behind me), I will never fault your accuracy in pinpointing my mood as I ride the Shackles of the working week to Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It…feeling fresh af.

So RnB Fridays, Baby Baby Baby, who cares about the Bills Bills Bills because the Best Things In Life are Free. If you ever want to Bust A Move and get a Milkshake, just Say My Name...and come and Take a Ride With Me. 

Illustration by Twylamae who also sells tees with a picture of sad Drake here.

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