For anyone who loves them as much as I.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

If eavesdropping on Saturday night taught me anything, it’s that the best way to discover Client Liaison is to experience them live.

I was careful to 'overhear' the drunken banter between the girls in front of me and some strangers nearby. It seemed that both parties had first come across Client Liaison on the festival circuit. It was love at first sight, apparently.

And sure, it's hard to deny a massive part of Client Liaison’s allure is their magnetic stage presence. 

Exhibit A: their Melbourne show.  

Saturday’s set opened with one explosive pouring of smoke and light, revealing the foursome in taking on a power stance. 

They started with a powerful rendition of ‘Canberra Won’t be Calling Tonight’. While each member was wearing a matching powder-lemon suit with bedazzled Australiana appliqués, all I could think was ‘yes’.

Their energy continued unwaveringly throughout the entire set, spurred on by neat little additions such as a slab of Fosters shared with punters, and a guitar that spurted fireworks.

Deservedly, each and every song was met with a roar from the mosh. But 'Diplomatic Immunity' and ‘Off White Limousine’ were clear crowd favourites. At this point, the girl next to me had jumped around so much she’d give Sally Pearson a run for her money. 

'Off White Limousine' was fittingly performed after two lucky ladies had been pulled from the crowd by frontman, Monte Morgan. These were The Chosen Ones, selected to ride in the official Off White Limousine to the afterparty at Untz Untz. I told myself I didn’t care (I did). It was, however, a consolation to see just how excited those two girls were. Bless.

After a set that progressed all too quickly, the foursome closed with an amazing choreographed rendition of ’World of our Love’.

To anyone entertaining the idea of catching Client Liaison’s next gig, 10/10 would recommend.


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