Possibly the best singer in the whole world.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera
  1. Where am I?
  2. Is this the right concert?
  3. It's packed out. And vibing. With a raucous mosh. Rod Laver Arena is packed out and vibing with a raucous mosh. For a guy who sings with the most dulcet of tones
  4. A curtain has dropped to reveal.... Another curtain. Crowd is screaming
  5. I really like Sam Smith, but clearly not as much as these guys
  6. In an act that can only be explained by magic (and drop lighting and a semi sheer curtain) Sam appears centre stage in a pool of light
  7. Curtain drops revealing thankfully no third curtain
  8. Mosh remains raucous
  9. And my holy God dear Lord this man has the voice of an angel. I will hereby refer to him as Angel Smith
  10. He is also better looking than I remember
  11. He is also putting on this really weird half American half British voice? It sounds kind of like Kylie Minogue post neighbours after taking elocution lessons to cover her bogan accent. But mixed with the unsettling softness of Michael Jackson in his later years
  12. He is also dropping the ends off all his words
  13. Thank you very mu-
  14. I love you all so mu-
  15. Please stop talking. Just sing.
  16. He just asked the crowd to stand and those in seats are reallllly not sure about it
  17. They were not expecting to have to stand at a Sam Smith concert. To be honest neither was I
  18. Crowd is now half standing half sitting. But EVERYONE is awks
  19. The standing half sits at first available opportunity
  20. Except mosh of course. They're raucous
  21. Lady in the front is going nuts to 'I'm Not the Only One'. She most definitely has been cheated on
  22. Emotional monologue about Sam finding himself through his music intertwined with plug for his upcoming album
  23. But holy hell his voice is flawless
  24. His vocal control is amazing
  25. He's like an angelic autotune
  26. "Sing back to me! He'll never love you like a can can can"
  27. But no one can quite reach the notes...
  28. The lady in front of me is literally filming the entire concert on her iPhone. Seriously who has the battery life for that??
  29. We've entered Motown territory
  30. And now the backing vocalists are singing solooooos
  31. This is actually sick
  32. The talent on that stage is unreal
  33. And one of the chicks' name is Madonna. YES
  34. Sam has now walked off stage and the other 3 are singing 'Le Freak'
  35. And everyone loves it. Not even sure they know he's gone
  36. No wait, some 16-year-olds look confused. They've definitely realised
  37. And pianoooooo is coming out
  38. We've now entered ballad town. Population Sam
  39. So much romance in this room right now
  40. Very romance. Much karaoke. Many mobile phone
  41. God this guy's good
  42. Even his facial expressions. He's sold it to me. Whatever he is selling I am buying. I don't even know what it is but I am sold
  43. Now singing 'La La La' and I FORGOT HE DID THIS SONG
  44. He needs more bangers like this. His talents are way too under-utilised. He needs to pull a David Guetta and collaborate with every artist and be on every song on the radio
  45. He's backed it up with 'Money on My Mind'
  46. Yessssssss
  47. And we're done
  48. (Technically)
  49. Cue a wayyyy overextended encore
  50. He's almost lost momentum
  52. But he missed 'Stay With Me' so obv he's coming back
  53. And we're back with 'Latch' followed by 'Stay With Me' (of course)
  54. This has to be the most romantic song ever written by a one night stand ever
  55. Everyone in the stadium is waving their hands at Sam's one night stand
  56. Woooo go Sam
  57. Thank you so mu-
  58. I love you so mu-
  59. Good nu-


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