How many feels is all the feels?

Words by

Giulia Brugliera
  1. Ok. Here we go. Ed Sheeran. The Ginger Prince
  2. It's hot. I wish it was outdoors
  3. Yewww it's outdoors
  4. Ew moth on my leg
  6. Discussion happening rn: who is better between Ed Sheeran and Adele
  7. (Discussion was started by me)
  8. (The Ginger Prince obvs)
  9. Screams are happening, is that him??
  10. IT'S HIM
  11. Announcement that the next two hours are going to be 'sing along with Ed'. Not sad about it
  12. Announcement that he's playing on a loop station. Literally one man band. It's the acapella app of concerts
  13. Ed cracked a funny. Do you want to hear it? Of course you do. "I hope you enjoy it, because if you don't enjoy it's going to be a very long five minutes"
  14. Oh Ed
  15. Side note: he's been performing this tour for five years
  16. He's now rapping 
  17. And he's actually good. (Sorry hardcore rap fans)
  18. He's also self aware. He worked "I'm not a rapper" into his rap
  19. You'll always be a rapper in my heart, Ed
  20. Additional note for those of you playing at home, there's also some pretty kewl graphics happening in lieu of the standard concert backing videos
  22. It obviously should be Sixth* Street
  23. Good song but
  24. Next request from Ed: put your arm in the air and when the beat drops we BOUNCE
  25. Because it's the Rudimental song. Obvious banger
  26. And he's killing it. Absolutely nailing it
  27. Even as a one man band with only a guitar and without Rudimental
  28. This is unreal
  29. Am I on drugs? I feel like I'm on drugs?
  30. Nope, only one cider deep. (Realised this after he backed it up with a ballad)
  31. His range. His versatility. He's harmonising with himself
  32. Now singing 'Don't' and again is killing it
  33. He's worked in 'these hoes ain't loyal'
  34. But instead saying 'these girls ain't loyal'
  35. Coz he's a sweet little angel who doesn't call women hoes
  36. He's really ordered his songs well. Really well
  37. The graphics for 'I See Fire' are literally images of Ed on fire. Reallll subtle
  38. "They didn't really need to put the fire on his hair" - my boyfriend
  39. Seriously ripper song though
  40. He's now beat boxing?
  41. Onto 'Thinking Out Loud'
  42. I officially have tingles
  43. Boyfriend officially has tingles
  44. Not sure if security guard has tingles but he is singing along and knows EVERY GODDAM WORD
  45. Aaaand we're up to his 'technically last song but you all know how these things work'
  46. 'Get your phone lights out!' Always a pretty magical moment
  47. Aaaand we're done
  48. Cue screams for encore that we all knew was coming
  49. And he's already back out. He barely let the applause run
  50. Appreciate your promptness, Ed. It is a school night
  51. What a performer tho
  52. This man can seriously build a vibe
  53. He's now singing 50 Cent 'In Da Club'
  54. And somehow makes it sound romantic??
  55. Actual real final definitely last song really. He's announced it. Again, points for efficiency
  56. Crowd goes wild etc etc
  57. Aaaand we're really done
  58. Heels off. So so so many girls have their heels off
  59. Why you're wearing heels to an Ed Sheeran concert I don't know
  60. Until next time Ed, Love ya xoxo
Brett Schewitz

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For anyone who loves them as much as I.
We get it, Zayn. You like having sex.
Totally unnerving.
They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.
Boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side.
Possibly the best singer in the whole world.
Following the coolest summer break ever.
Heading into darker, more abstract territory.
Dreamy pop done right.
This is pure pop music: the sugary, possibly bad for your health kind.
It literally sounds like the band has used all the colours in the crayon box for this release.
Worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.