They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.

Words by

Luke Forester

Trawling through Human Nature's Wikipedia page (as I have, admittedly, not kept quite up to date with their career movements) I was shocked to learn that they haven't actually just been releasing Christmas albums annually for the past decade. The Christmas Album Deluxe Edition is actually a re-release that bundles four new tracks onto an already solid collection of Yuletide covers.

Musical snobbery aside, Human Nature do know their way around a four-part harmony and it's hard to stay grinch-y by the time 'Silent Night' kicks in. The re-issue also adds a duet with another Australian supermarket favourite, Delta Goodrem, that sounds exactly like you'd expect it to.

Destined to be the soundtrack to your last minute runs to Myer to find that unoffensive gift for the relative you don't quite know well enough, just think it could've been much worse. It could've been Nikki Webster. 


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For anyone who loves them as much as I.
This is how the story goes.
"I just wanna unwrap you, baby."
We get it, Zayn. You like having sex.
Because we all need a little help when it comes to Boxing Day.
To those doing Christmas from the other side of the register.
Totally unnerving.
Boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side.
Possibly the best singer in the whole world.
Oh (Chanel) Christmas tree, oh (Chanel) Christmas tree.
Following the coolest summer break ever.
Heading into darker, more abstract territory.
Dreamy pop done right.
Another starlet joins the MAC family.
This is pure pop music: the sugary, possibly bad for your health kind.
It literally sounds like the band has used all the colours in the crayon box for this release.
Worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.
Officially the party of the year (as voted by everyone).
'Tis the season for a touch of daggy.
Because hanging decorations on Christmas trees is so 2013...
Because no one just wants "you" for Christmas.
The fierce rapper dresses 'so fancy' for Forever 21's Christmas special
Ditch the reindeer sweater this year.