Much like his twitter account, it's a bit of a mess.

Words by

Luke Forester

What can you say about Kanye that hasn't already been said? You could fill 150 words just talking about his tweets over the last 24 hours! It's become almost impossible to review Kanye's work without discussing the man himself.

The Life of Pablo is the epitome of a spectacle release: the multiple (!!!) title changes, the overblown press statements and of course, the inevitable surprise release.

But the biggest surprise is how average the album sounds.

Coming off Yeezus, Kanye's latest sounds practically pedestrian in comparison. There are some moments of brilliance scattered throughout the record; 'Feedback' and 'Wolves' in particular stand out with their dark and minimal production.

Ultimately, the music here has been overshadowed by Kanye himself. Much like his twitter account, the album is just a bit of a mess.


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