Another Killer's classic.

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What did I tell you? This time around, we waited five years for a new album from 2004’s favourite band.

Frontman Brandon Flowers told Rolling Stone that in creating this album, he didn’t want to “chase what’s on the radio... I wanted to inhabit my age.”

The only risk with ‘acting your age’, for a stadium band, however, is that it can come of overblown and not particularly fresh.

I’m glad to say, this is not the case with Wonderful Wonderful. It’s a Killer’s classic in the making. Sure, there are some dramatic moments, but The Killers have always been a bit dramatic.

After a year of lacklustre releases, Wonderful Wonderful lends a little hope and vitality to the dying industry of the long player.

What a relief.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 172. You can read it here.

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It’s the fun, jaunty-pop we’ve come to know Arcade Fire for.
Looks like this New Orleans band has finally hit its stride.
A fat bunch of hits does not an album make.
An all-out glam rock album.
Is it wrong to want more?
A debut album four years in the making.
Frankly, not their best work.
A voice for the angry.
The little electro band that could.
For anyone who loves them as much as I.
This is the classic Garbage sound I grew up with.
You've made us proud.
Lacking M83's usual energy and creative spark.
Thanks to Bey, Tidal's finally making waves.
Strangely underwhelming.
We get it, Zayn. You like having sex.
Could've used a little more soul.
The future of pop music.
Much like his twitter account, it's a bit of a mess.
Clearly a very personal album for frontman, Kele.
That Rihanna reign just don't let up.
There's still nobody out there with a voice like this.
Totally unnerving.
They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.
Boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side.
Possibly the best singer in the whole world.
Following the coolest summer break ever.
Heading into darker, more abstract territory.
Dreamy pop done right.
This is pure pop music: the sugary, possibly bad for your health kind.
It literally sounds like the band has used all the colours in the crayon box for this release.
Worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.