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This is how it went down.

Words by

Sophie Brugliera

Dear Diary,

Last night I experienced what I can only refer to as time travel. 

Finally, I escaped my tired, draining life as an unmotivated uni student, and instead travelled to a time of electrifying synth pop and sparkle. The ’80s. I journeyed to a world of bright colours, funky rhythms and groovy dance moves, a world in which Melbourne-based band Client Liaison calls the ‘World of Our Love.’ 

From the instant these four men in pastel-coloured suits stepped foot on stage, they had me infatuated.  

To say they took my breath away is an inconceivable understatement. There may or may not have been tears. 

Client Liaison adopts a nostalgic, electronic Australiana sound, which they themselves describe as Faux-Fi. Somehow Faux-Fi causes me to miss the simplicity of the late ’80s and early ’90s, an era that I wasn’t even alive to see.

Their first song, ‘That’s Desire,’ led the audience to erupt with energy, bringing every person to their feet (if they weren’t already standing, that is).  

Track after enthralling track, lead singer and obvious mullet enthusiast, Monte Morgan, performed every lyric with such passion, I thought he was going to start making out with the mic. He complemented these with dance moves so hypnotising, I plan on whipping them out at Untz Untz next Thursday night. I also never knew it was possible to kick that high in pastel pink suit pants.

The funky moves and the upbeat grooves made it near impossible for me to resist the urge to dance to every beat. Upon performing crowd favourite, ‘Feed The Rhythm’ the walls started shaking around me and I knew I was hooked. That, or someone had spiked my drink.

The band then performed their new single ‘World Of Our Love’ (also the name of the tour), and so too did I witness such a love. I once again rose to my feet, danced my heart out and lost myself in the atmosphere. (Again, it could have been a drink spike). 

It was during this moment that I really took a good look at the crowd – or as I like to call it, the band’s ‘clientele’ – and realised something. Client Liaison had successfully united and brought joy to fans of all ages: something a lot of artists struggle to achieve nowadays. Among a see of midriffs, legwarmers and sparkles, I saw those who had lived through the ‘’80s, and those (like me) who wish they had. We were all brought together by the world of Client Liaison’s love, and that felt like something remarkable.  

Disappointment struck when I realised ‘World of Our Love’ was the band’s final, spectacular song. At this point, if I wasn’t already standing, I would have given them a standing ovation.

I then found myself howling with the crowd, demanding an encore. 

And boy, did Client Liaison deliver. 

The Australiana element of their sound was made increasingly apparent from this point onwards, starting with sub vocalist and drum player, Harvey Miller, respectfully recognising the traditional owners of the land. Lead singer Monte Morgan then appeared back on stage, playing the didgeridoo. Never has such Australian pride been instilled in me. After watching visuals of Parliament House and John Howard while they performed the song ‘Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight,’ I was bleeding green and gold. And when I thought it couldn’t get any more patriotic, Morgan and Miller share a six-pack of Fosters beer with the crowd. Unfortunately I didn’t catch one, but I still raise my imaginary cup high to this band.

While they ended their concert with the song ‘End of the Earth,’ I could not fathom just how captivated I was by the sights and sounds of what I just witnessed. I even bought myself a Client Liaison T-shirt that I am currently wearing as I write this.

If you, like me, are done with the same old beats of the pop songs of today (except Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber rules), I would highly recommend feeding the rhythm inside, and listening to the sound of nostalgia that is Client Liaison. 

xoxo Sophie