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Anastasia McInerney

In news that should come as no surprise to anyone, London’s Central Saint Martins is once again the highest ranked fashion school in the world. 

The school received a score of 95 out of 100, as part of Business of Fashion’s Global Rankings for 2016. Given the the alumni include Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Stella McCartney, can’t say we’re surprised.

To generate an overall score out of 100, schools are ranked on three factors: their global influence, the learning experience and their long-term value. 

With a score of 100 for reputation and an acceptance rate of only six per cent, there’s no doubt Central Saint Martins is globally recognised. 

However, questions have arisen as to whether the prestigious school is doing enough in the way of education. 

According to the BOF, Central Saint Martins ranked “near the bottom of the heap” for learning experience, with an overall score of 40 in 2015.

‘Learning experience’ was evaluated by students, who were surveyed on their satisfaction with their fellow students, the quality of teaching and the resources available at the institution. Perhaps the 29:1 student to teacher ratio could be a factor in the overall score, or just student rivalry. That said, one of our writers had a very different experience at CSM.

For Australia, RMIT University came in at 17, with Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio (TAFE) at 23 and Sydney’s University of Technology at 28.

Though slipping from ninth spot in 2015, RMIT University ranked four marks higher than Central Saint Martins in learning experience. 

The BOF’s marks are informed by data that is gathered from the 54 participating institutions, along with surveys completed by students and alumni; combined with feedback from professionals and academics; and BOF’s own independent analysis.

It appears only those institutions who participate in the evaluation have the chance to be featured on the list- a not entirely objective process that discounts a number of schools globally. 

While we’re yet to beat London, we’re happy to see Australia on the list. 


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