Addressing gender imbalance.

Words by

Amber De Luca - Tao

It might not come as a shock that female-led companies are currently funded at a lower rate than those with a male founder.

This is the exact reason Sephora is taking initiative to create gender balance in the cosmetics industry.

As part of Sephora’s plans to focus on their wider social impact, the cosmetics giant is introducing a program that aims to give female beauty entrepreneurs a platform and a financial boost.

Sephora is picking 10 early start-up companies to bring to their San Francisco headquarters for a boot camp-style mentorship.

The chosen start-up companies will receive $2500 in addition to their all-expenses paid trips. Not to mention a chance to build solid relationships with beauty experts.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled to see which start-ups are chosen. In the meantime, we’ll sit tight and revel in Sephora’s push to empower women.


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