6 cardinal sins your hairdresser wishes you would stop doing

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Illustration by TwylaMae

Because we’re all guilty.

At various points in your life, you will visit a hair salon.

It’s one of life’s many certainties, just like the sun promises to rise and fall each day.

What might come as a surprise, however, are all the annoying habits we possess as customers. Ask any hairdresser, no matter what salon you visit – it’s prolific.

While some might visit their local a lot more than others, we are all guilty of committing the same cardinal sins once we sit in that chair.

On behalf of hair salons everywhere, we asked four hairdressers to share all the cardinal sins they’d wish you would stop doing. Immediately.

Cardinal sin #1- Being late to your appointment

“One of my biggest pet peeves is clients rocking up late to an appointment. Be on time!”
Melvin Royce Lane, Senior Stylist at Edwards & Co

Arriving late might be semi-acceptable for a lunch date, dinner reservation or meeting with your parents, but not up in here. The later you are to your appointment, the later your stylist is to their next appointment… and so the cycle continues.

Cardinal sin #2 – Thinking you can’t bring in a picture

Please never apologise for bringing in pictures! They transcend 1000 words.”
James Nicholson, Global Kevin Murphy educator

In fact, everyone should bring in more pictures. Bring a mood board with colour references if you have to. More than likely, your idea of ‘platinum blonde’ is more of a ‘roman sunset’, so to clear confusion, bring an album in.

Cardinal sin #3 – Forgoing the haircut

“Don’t skip getting a haircut thinking it’ll help your hair grow faster, you need regular trims, or your ends will just keep snapping off.”
Melvin Royce Lane, Senior Stylist at Edwards & Co

Hairdressers and customers alike have argued over this point for millennia. Customers may think it’s a cheap grab for cash, but really, your stylist has your hair’s best interest at heart.

Cardinal sin #4 – Not protecting your hair from heat styling

“Using a heat protectant (like Miracle Hair Treatment by ELEVEN Australia) before touching your hair with a hot tool will stop your hair from looking unhealthy.”
Jaimme-lee, ELEVEN Australia educator

How would you feel if you were burnt with a 210-degree iron? Probably not great. If you don’t want your hair turning out like a piece of fried bacon, invest in a heat protection product before sizzling your hair with a hot tool.

Cardinal sin #5 – Assuming long hair is the only option

“Embrace medium to shorter styles. Long hair can restrict what hairstyles you can achieve. Medium hairstyles can be worn with texture, volume or sleek and simple.”
Joey Scandizzo, Creative Director of Joey Scandizzo Salon, Co-founder of ELEVEN Australia

Short hair gets a tough gig, and it’s time people started realising you can do way more with shorter lengths. Whoever decided that long hair was cool clearly had no concept of texture or volume.

Cardinal sin #6 – Not trusting your hairdresser

“Trust in your hairdresser and create a relationship. As a hairdresser, it is so rewarding knowing that my clients have full trust with me, and we work together to create the perfect colour or hairstyle suited for them.”
Jaimme-lee, ELEVEN Australia educator

While it is your hair and identity the hairdresser is toying with, trust you’re in capable hands. Nobody likes a micromanager screaming demands from the basin.

Illustration by Twylamae.

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