Halloween how-to: Red Riding Hood

Dress-up time.

If you, like us, are panicking about what to wear to a forthcoming Halloween party this weekend, don’t stress.

We’ve teamed up with Global Makeup Artist for Napoleon Perdis, Shev Kelly, to show you a quick and easy dress-up idea, à la Little Red Riding Hood.

Step one: Prep and prime
To ensure your skin is smooth and hydrated, begin your look by applying a serum and a primer.

Step two: Lashes and brows
Open up the eyes and add drama by applying jet black mascara to the top and lower lashes. Next, add shape, texture and definition to the brows with a brow pencil.

Step three: Base 
For a luxe, velvet finish on the skin, apply a cream-to-matte foundation where needed. Set your base with a pressed powder, applied with large fluffy brush for a natural finish.

Step four: Cheeks
Add a flirty pinch of pink to the apples of the cheeks using a matte, baby pink blush. Achieve a strong, dramatic highlight on the top of the cheekbones and Cupid’s bow using a matte white eyeshadow.

Step five: Eyes
Smoke out the eyes with a mysterious pop of purple eyeshadow. For a strong opaque result, use a patting and pressing motion when applying to the eyelid and blend just past the crease of the eye. Continue the same shadow along the lower lash line. Brighten up the inner corner of the eye with a white eyeshadow, applied with a small fluffy brush.

Step six: Lips
Create a killer red pout by generously coating your lips with a creamy red lipstick. Ensure the edge is crisp and clean by lining your lips last, using a matching red lip pencil.

Step seven: Extras
Add a scary scratch detail using a wax-based foundation, red lipstick and clear lip lacquer. Apply the wax-based foundation to one of your cheeks in three uneven, jagged stripes. Leave a small space between each stripe – remember messy is good for this technique! Build up the foundation so it appears that the scratch is higher than your skin. Next, create a fake blood by mixing the red lipstick with a generous amount of clear lip lacquer. Place the mixture between each faux scratch to create a flesh-like finish.

For more Halloween makeup inspo, head to napoleonperdis.com

Photography: Jessica Apap
Makeup: Shev Kelly, Global Makeup Artist @ Napoleon Perdis

Model: Alex Cant @ Scene Models

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