How-to: Benefit They’re Real! Liner

Learn how to create a beautiful winged eye in four easy steps PLUS win a Benefit gift pack

Every once in a while a product comes along and you think, holy smokes! Why has no one ever done this before?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you would have heard about the innovative new eyeliner pen from Benefit.

Apparently it’s been five years in the making, and it’s been totally worth the wait – with a trademark AccuFlex tip (read: an angled rubber nib which dispenses product with a click, gives you perfect control and eliminates the need for a brush) the Push-up Liner is matte, long lasting and basically foolproof.

So we decided to test out the claims while also giving you an easy how-to winged eyeliner tutorial. Double your luck!

1. First off, draw your wing by tracing a line from the corner of your eye at a 45 degree angle. An easy way to get the right angle is to direct it towards the end of your eyebrow. If you’re unsure, start off small and then build upon your line.

2. Now create another line to form a triangle which meets back at the upper lash line, this should be more or less horizontal. You’re in charge here so if you want a subtle winged eyeliner look draw a small triangle, or if you want a thicker liner draw a larger triangle.

3. Next trace your liner along the rest of the upper lashline. Try and keep the liner as close to your lashes as possible, and as you get closer to the inner corner of your eye keep it really fine.

4. Finally fill in your triangle and you should have a beautiful winged eye! Finish with several coats of mascara.

More tips:
1. The Push-up liner is a waterproof gel formula so it dries fairly quickly. Try to work fast and resist going over your line once it has set as it may flake.
2. For the same reason, keep the lid on tightly and wipe off excess product from the nib after application.
3. You will need an oil-based makeup remover to remove this product, try the Benefit They’re Real! Remover ($25) to get your eyes perfectly clean.

The verdict: so Benefit have come up with a real gamechanger. Whether you’re an eyeliner-phobe or the queen of insta liner likes, we’re confident this will have pride of place in your makeup bag. Head to your nearest Benefit counter to try the new Benefit They’re Real! Push-up liner now (Myer stores nationwide, $35).

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Tutorial by Victoria Martin 

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