How-to: Effortless bun

Hair stylist Adlena Dignam shows us how to style an effortless, messy bun in five easy steps.

We all love ‘effortlessly cool’ hair so no we are showing you how to get it to last all night long!

1. Clip the back half of your hair away, leaving out the front two sides from the ears forward.

2. Using a medium sized hot tong, wrap sections of hair around the tong. You know when it’s ready when the hair is too hot to touch.

3a. Run your fingers though these curled sections and spray KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR all through your hair for some hold and great texture.

3b. Sprinkle some KEVIN.MURPHY POWDER PUFF through the crown and gently tease the area with a large comb. Pull both front and back sections all together, over the ears and tie in a pony. Let a few pieces fall out around the face.

4. Plait the ponytail, securing at the end with a small band and while holding the end, pull each loop so that the plait loosens.

5. Wrap the plait around the ponytail base and secure each loop with pins.


Tutorial by Adlena Dignam

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