How-to: waves and braids

Effortless and cool.

For some reason, looking effortless and cool seems to actually take a lot of effort. Ever wonder how people manage to rock the perfect bohemian waves?

We teamed up with Sarah Wall from TONI&GUY to help us tap into the effortless boho look. And it’s actually pretty easy.

1. Prep hair with label.m volume mousse from roots to ends to create a more textured feel and add body.

2. Blast hair dry.

3. Part hair as deep as you want. On the side you are going to braid, take 1-1.5 inch thickness down to the ear.

4. Clip everything else back, braid and finish off the braid with some hairspray and backcombing (teasing). Seal with a straightener.

5. Start creating waves underneath with horizontal sections. Take 1/3 of the hair and hold straighteneron a diagonal pointing downwards. Roll half barrel curl, flip back over the opposite way and do another half barrel curl and keep repeating down the hair shaft, this creates a wave effect. It’s optional if you want to wave the ends or not

7. Shake hair with hands to loosen up.

8. Random plaits are optional.

9. If you want a messier braid, braid it loosely then pull softly on the parts. Finish of the braid with some hairspray and backcombing (teasing). Seal with straightener.




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