Petite Grand AW16

A tribute to sex and death.

Petite Grand’s newest collection has pulled inspiration from all things love, sex and death, as seen at the Museum of Old and New Art. (That’s MONA for the uninitiated.)

Located in Tasmania, MONA is Australia’s largest private museum and considered one of the most controversial.

In its past, the museum has received a lot of attention for its somewhat confronting and thought-provoking art collections, including the infamous wall of vaginas.
So we were intrigued (and kinda nervous) to see how Petite Grand would translate this inspiration into its jewellery.

No sterling silver vaginas are present. 

Instead, precious metals and signature silk cord are used to craft a range of fine delicate pieces, in true Petite Grand form.

Universal signs, like the crest and triangle, are dotted throughout the collection and meant to be indicative of another time. Heart and skull symbols are also used to show the contrast of love and death. 

The collection is now available online.


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