Thurley AW16 ‘Almost Famous’ lookbook

Very hit and miss.

When we think Thurley, we think of everything we want in our summer wardrobes. It’s all lace and pastels, because that’s what Thurley does best.

And while there Autumn/Winter collection Almost Famous features some stunning lace (and some of that kewl raffia from their last collection), their usual style just doesn’t seem like it’s totally there. 

In some cases that’s totally fine, but here, well it’s just a bit hit and miss.

HIT: Black lace ponchos
MISS: Blue jackets that look like a Balmain x Chanel collab gone very, very wrong
HIT: Black dresses that look like glamorous dressing gowns
MISS: Black dresses that are basically a veil over underwear. They’re not innovative nor practical and have just been overdone.
HIT (or maybe a miss, not quite sure yet): Ponchos that look like picnic blankets

Check it out for yourself though, ladies.


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