Deep Interactions in Low Resolution


Screenshots of human complexity during COVID-19.

It’s certainly an interesting time for the creative community right now. Where so many thrive off collaboration, the need to physically distance and the pressures of this whole pandemic can easily snuff a creative spark.

But many creatives are pivoting, moving to webcams to continue to shoot.

Cristina Vignoli is one such creative, and the above is her latest visual work for Fashion Journal, Deep Interactions in Low Resolution / Screen Shots of Human Complexity during COVID-19. Through it, Cristina explores a newfound medium of creativity, using Skype and screen grabs to shoot an editorial work.

To accompany the visuals, she has interviewed her subject, model Brianna Toovey, to touch on how others are coping during the isolation of COVID-19.

My name is: Brianna.

I am: 20 years old and a model.

You wouldn’t expect: that I am studying to become a registered psychologist.

During iso I have been feeling: a mix of emotions, discouraged and frightened yet inspired to make the best out of a bad situation.

During iso I have been doing: a lot of walking, listening to podcasts, trying new recipes and drawing and painting.  Basically, everything I wanted to do but never had the time to before the virus and losing my job

My favourite daily routine is: going for runs in the afternoon while listening to my favourite podcasts

The world should have: more kindness and less billionaires

I care about: everything, too much, all the time.

The best advice I have ever received is: other people’s beauty does not take away from your own.

The biggest lesson I learnt is: every person has lived a life full of experiences you may never know about.  So be gentle, be kind and be understanding.  You never know the difference it may make.

Love is: gentle and understanding.  It is words shared only you two know when you both should be asleep.  It’s knowing looks, tired eyes, long car drives and laughing at each other.  It is tears and misunderstandings.  It’s admitting you’re wrong and learning to say sorry even when your ego tells you not to.  It’s listening and communicating and asking what your person needs.  Love creates a new language only the two of you understand.  It is soft and strong all at once.  Love is a necessity.

Creativity is: found in so many places.  In a song that feels like it was written just for you, because how do they have the words to describe exactly what you feel when even you cannot?  It is seeing artwork that inspires you to put your own art out into the world. It is seeing a photo that makes you long for a time and a place where you have never even existed. It’s a book that makes you cry because suddenly the words on the page are reading into you more than you are reading them.  All of these things exist because people found and used their creatively.

I get inspired by: artists, musicians, writers and photographers.

What makes me laugh is: my cats.

In this time, you should listen to: Lorde, Melodrama

Watch: Mind Hunter and Girl, Interrupted

And read: How to Make the Beast Beautiful and The Nevernight Chronicle

When we overcome this challenging time I: want to travel as much as I can and not take my life for granted like I did; take more risks.

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