Google is pioneering a dress that will be custom designed based on your phone data

Slightly creepy.

The link between fashion and digital technology is set to get even stronger with the announcement that digital fashion house, lvyrevel, has teamed up with Google.

Ivyrevel – who’s major investors are H&M and PayPal – designs its pieces based on data analysis and algorithms, in order to create pieces the consumer really wants.

Its collaboration with Google sees an Android app in the works. The app will track wherever a user goes, where they live and whether they are doing casual or formal activities. This information will then be used to design a personalised ‘data dress’.

The design of each dress will be specific to a user’s needs. If the user lives in a cold place, the dress will be made from thicker textiles. If the user is active, the fabric will be more breathable. If the user likes to hit da clubz, it’ll be low cut and bedazzled. You get the gist.

“To get a unique piece of clothing today you need to either buy a custom-made design piece or design it yourself, but that is generally not an affordable option and most people lack the design experience,” said co-founder of Ivyrevel, Aleksandar Subosic, in a statement.

“The ‘Data Dress’ enables women around the world to order a dress made entirely for them,” he added.

The app itself will use Google’s Awareness API to gather data, which basically means it will be using all sensors on your phone – Bluetooth, headphone jack, location tracking, weather conditions. It’s basically stalking you.

The app is said to be launched later this year, with dress prices starting at around $99 USD.


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