Model makes political statement on runway, is punched by Rick Owens

Oh, the controversy.

By now you probably know the story. Model walks for Rick Owens, model holds political sign down runway, model is punched by Owens.

Not usually the one to shy away from a controversial stage, the American designer denies any involvement with the protest that occurred during his SS16 menswear show.

Vividly flashback to Owens’ Fall/Winter 2015 runway where he sent models down the runway with penises exposed. Pushing the boundaries (and making audiences giggle like schoolchildren) is what the designer does best, however he is adamant this time he was not the controversial mastermind.  

Jera, a twelve year veteran model for Owens, held up the politically motivated cloth during his walk which read “Please kill Angela Merkel. Not.” 

In true Rick Owens controversy style, the designer punched Jera as soon as he stepped off the runway. It’s possible this was because the model sparked more controversy than the designer himself, but of course that’s all speculation.

“It’s a crazy, rogue, f***ing model that I punched when he came back out,” Owens told WWD after the show in Paris, also adding “Please say that I punched him.”

Aside from the protest making global headlines (to the dismay of Owens), there was also a roaring menswear line released – ironically themed to highlight the male tendencies of aggression (lol, I think Jera nailed it). 

Chin up, Owens, any publicity is good publicity… right?

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