Tips and Insights: Julia Sarr-Jamois

If you’ve spent time on any fashion website during the last five years – which is pretty likely – then you have encountered Julia Sarr-Jamois.

The 25-year-old is street style personified; a master of mixing high and low, bright and bold in a way that’s so organic that it’s clear that there’s no one in the background cultivating a blog-worthy look. Julia is the real deal.

When she’s not hanging out at every fashion week in Europe and giving everyone sneaker envy, the former U.K Fashion Editor of Wonderland freelances for i-D and pop magazine. Ahead of her ‘New Icons of Fashion’ campaign with THE ICONIC, we chatted to the London-based stylist and model about the power of the internet and the street style revolution.

On her earliest fashion memory…

Probably my obsession with trainers at the age of 10, I wanted new ones every week.

On giving up modelling to become a stylist…

I always modelled on the side during my internships when I first started out, so it was not really a career change, as it was always an extra thing I did.

On starting her editorial career at Wonderland

I loved working at Wonderland, it was a bit daunting as taking the step from an assistant to an editor is a big deal, but I worked with a lovely supportive team and I learned so much from being there.

On moving on to work at i-D

I started my career at i-D, so it was really like coming home for me, it has been and always will be my favourite magazine, I am a genuine mega fan. It is super exciting time to be part of the team as i-D is growing so much, with both the magazine and online.

On naysayers who said she was too young to be a fashion editor…

I think the main thing is confidence that is the key, you have to believe in your work and always strive to do better.

On living up to the hype of a global street style icon…

No I really don’t see myself like that at all, I just wear what I feel like!

On the items of clothing she can’t live without…

Jeans and grey sweaters! I have an abundance of both.

On the street style phenomenon…

I don’t think it is more influential than the runways, I just think it’s a nice way to show to show clothes in the real world.

On who she would love to stlye…

I love Devon Aoki, she is one of my all time faves, would be great to work on a story with her.

On the celebrity style she envies…

I love Rihanna, she just looks like she has so much fun!

On developing your own personal style…

The most important thing is to wear what you feel like. I don’t think you should follow rules.

Julia Sarr-Jamois  is dressed by River Island from THE ICONIC

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