Harry Styles cryogenically freezes his performance outfits and I don’t know why I’m surprised

Image via Harris Reed
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

This article involves thrusting.

We don’t need to tell you how much we all freaked out about Harry Styles’ ‘Lights Up’ video earlier this month. You can see it for yourself.

So imagine how thrilled we are that GQ spoke to one of Harry’s go-to designers and revealed some juicy and endearing details about the icon’s approach to fashion.

Harris Reed sounds like a pseudonym for Mr. Styles himself (that would be so Harry) but that’s only because he is relatively new to the industry. The young designer has, in fact, cemented himself as a driving force behind Harry’s latest style evolution, and the genius behind one of the life-changing blue ensembles in the ‘Lights Up’ vid.

Turns out he designed the look while in a bar in New York, based only on two specific Pantone shades and the instruction that Harry had to move around comfortably in it.

Apparently, that’s a pretty good example of how the pairing of Harry and Harris works – side note: Harry Styles’ stylist’s name is Harry Lambert, and imagining conversations between the three of them is a great comedic exercise – with lots of conceptual pitches and plenty of trust.

Reed’s vision for Harry from the beginning revolved around romance and “old-world elegance”, and he mentions wanting to veer away from the structured suiting he was rocking for Gucci. I guess we now know who to thank for all the ruffles.

“I felt like what I could offer was more fluid, a flounciness or a different silhouette, billowy sleeves and so on,” the designer explains. “Even the outfit I did for the ‘Lights Up’ video was sleeveless and the trousers had a slight flare, so he could dance and do his pelvic thrusting, which he loves to do.”

Thrusting. Noted.

We’re also delighted to find out that Harry does have a lot of say in what he wears, and is totally on board with the gender-bending drama of it all.

That being said, apparently he’s yet to agree to anything like “an outfit with his ass hanging out or some huge Liberace cape”, but there’s always time.

One of the most bizarre things to come out of the interview, however, is a tidbit about how dear Harry stores all the amazing outfits he’s not using anymore. As hard as it is to believe, somewhere in London there’s a top secret chamber fitted with 24-hour video surveillance filled with iconic, cryogenically frozen outfits.

It’s a very futuristic, sci-fi way to preserve Harry’s musical and sartorial legacy. But we’re choosing to take the same approach Reed did when he found out where his designs had ended up and just say, “Oh, that’s chic.”


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