Julie White debuts accessories collection ‘Straya Nights’

Straya ladies.

Straya Nights is the latest collection from Australian accessories designer Julie White.

After graduating from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, Julie returned to Australia to provide us these little printed gems.

Straya Nights explores Australiana after dark, with silk scarves and socks inspired by Australia’s nocturnal wilderness.

The collection features geckos, lizards and snakes from the bush as well as sea urchins, anemones and mollusks from the Great Barrier Reef.

What could be more Australian?

As is Julie’s style, all the prints are fun, bold, colourful and hand-drawn by Julie.

Her images of native flora and fauna capture the mystery and excitement of the Australian outback and our beautiful oceans.

They may not feature Nemo, but we can still tell you where to find them.


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